Scott Fraser Collection (S.F.C.) is a menswear clothing and lifestyle brand, founded in London under the concept of Retrospective Modernism – the notion of keeping one eye on the past, but the other firmly set to the future.

The designs are a result of an obsession with detailing and inspiration taken from mid-century menswear, with an end design that holds no time or age boundaries. The aim of the collection is not to replicate pieces from yesterday, but to reinterpret timeless icons, using them as a source of inspiration for today-ready clothing, luggage and accessories. S.F.C. cements these essential details into current ready-to-wear pieces, in order to preserve them for decades to come. A mark of respect.

My role encompasses the whole process of S.F.C. starting from preliminary research/inspiration, to initial sketches and designs. Once a piece is established, I begin to source materials and makers from in an around the U.K. (predominantly in London) and Europe to start the sampling process. Working with a small team during the last stages of sampling, the patterns and grading are finalised. The production is then carried out on a made-to-order basis (excluding accessories/luggage) for customers and stockists.
I control all marketing, branding and the social presence, in order to affirm the core values of the brand, making each article something that I’ve raised from an initial idea, through to a fully commercial product.

  • Scott Fraser Collection British menswear designed & made under the concept of Retrospective Modernism
  • Products Outerwear, shirting, knitwear, luggage, accessories
  • Roles Menswear / accessories design, concepting, fabric sourcing, sampling, branding, marketing (social media). Everything really.
  • Instagram @scottfrasercollection
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