My most recent position was at Marks and Spencer’s creative studio in East London; creating brand identities and working closely with large-scale social media teams as an art-director and photographer. Here I worked as creative design reporter-at-large, the focus was to review and renew life into their mens and womenswear social platforms (particularly Instagram and Twitter). Creative conception and problem solving was an essential skill to utilise when working in this environment, as it was important to make the instant take-home message clear and concise in its delivery, whilst balancing the message with a credible and engaging image/film.

An additional role I held was to relay with a variety of creative and design teams on projects such as trend/colour consultation, vintage-clothing sourcing and theme direction.

  • Roles Image / video conception, photography (film and video), content editing, fashion styling, studio work, social media managing, design and fashion consultancy
  • Skills Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, video editing, storyboarding
  • Clients include Marks and Spencer, Mendoza Menswear